ROLLS S2 Solar Battery, OPZV, 2Volts, 920AH

The Rolls OPzV range are long life, deep cycling gel batteries.

The gel and tubular plate technology give them extremely high reliability and very strong performance. They are capable of being used in extreme operating conditions and are very durable.

Features of the OPzV range include:-

  • 3200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge
  • 20-year operational float life
  • Easy configuratioN

They can be used for numerous applications such as:-

  • Solar Energy
  • Security Applications
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Floor Machines

Marine Applications

@ 100 Hour Rate1287 AH12.87 A@ 20 Hour Rate1046 AH52.3 A@ 10 Hour Rate920 AH92 A


Brand Rolls
Product Code S2-920GEL
Voltage 2 Volts
Technology Gel
Capacity (C10) 920 Ah
Capacity (C20) 1046 Ah
Length 191 mm
Width 210 mm
Height inc. terms 673 mm


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