The Best Solar Heating Systems in Kenya


Our centralized water heating systems include solar collectors, buffer tanks, controller systems, electromagnetic valves, circulating pumps, appurtenances and so on. The principle is that the collectors make cold water warm and then circulate to the buffer tank by circulating pump.The heated water isthen transferred to individual heat exchangers in the in-house tanks on respective floors/levels, and circulated back to the roof on loss of the preset temperatures.

2. Solar Collectors

Flat Plate collectors

Flat panel collectors working principle is different from evacuated tubes collector. A glazed flat-plate solar collector consists of a shallow rectangular box with a flat black plate behind a tempered glass cover. The plate is attached to a series of parallel tubes or one serpentine tube through which water or another liquid (such as an antifreeze solution) passes. Sunlight passes through the glazing and strikes the absorber plate, which heats up, converting the sunshine into heat energy. The heat is transferred to the liquid passing through the pipes attached to the absorber plate.


Heat Pipe Collectors

The Heat Pipe Solar Collector consists of a vacuum tube, a heat pipe, a metal heat absorption wing and the connecting manifold. The metal heat absorption wing with selective absorption coating converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers it to the medium liquid inside. The vacuum between the two glass tubes works as insulation. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapour, which rises to the condenser. When passing through the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed and the temperature is lowered making the liquid condense and return to the base of the heat pipe.


U-pipe Collectors

U-Pipe collector is a highly efficient solar energy collector that utilizes heat transfer fluid which in non-toxic, non-corrosive and works even at low temperatures. It consists of high purity copper pipes bent in a U shape with both ends welded to two common tubes so that you have many U-pipes connected to the two tubes. The pipes have one end sealed so that one tube is the input for cold fluid and the other is the output for the hot fluid. The U-pipes are then covered with an Aluminium fin to spread the heat evenly and placed inside our vacuum glass tube for maximum irradiance absorption and retention.


Heat Pump

Our heat pump absorbs heat from the surrounding air by pumping it using a fan into an evaporator that contains a non CFC refrigerant with a very low boiling point.The liquid refrigerant turns to gas in the evaporator and goes through the compressor which pumps it through a small valve compressing it while generating a lot of heat and pressure. The heated gas goes through a coiled copper tube heat exchanger in the water tank and heats the water. Heat pumps mainly consist of a compressor, fan, evaporator, and the heat exchanger.


3. Split Solar Heating Systems

This system uses flat plate, U-pipe or heat pipe collectors, whichare filled with a non-toxic heating fluid, normally distilled water or a mixture of the water and propylene glycol, which lowers the boiling point. The fluid absorbs the heat energy through the collector from the sun and vaporizes to steam, flows through a copper pipe coil in the water tank that acts as a heat exchanger, thereby heating the water. It then condenses back to fluid, which is then pumped back to the collector. The process is repeated until all the water is heated. The system has an intelligent controller that controls the flow of the heating fluid by utilizing temperature sensors in the collector and the water tank

4. Domestic Water Heater

Pressurized Flat Plate

This thermosyphon system uses a flat plate with a heating fluid coupled to our unique steel enameled tank that has an enveloping jacket for the heating fluid to flow. The heating fluid is heated in the collector and rises by convection into the jacket of the coupled tank while the inner tank wall acts as the heat exchanger, the water in the inner tank then gets heated and the heating fluid flows back into the collector and the process is repeated. The water in the system can be pressurized and an electric booster is incorporated that can be controlled by a thermostat or a controller with temperature sensors.


Pressurized Heat Pipe

Our integrative pressurized series is a revamp model, combining heat pipe solar collector with pressurized tank, which adopts advanced heat pipe technology forming a compact model. The selective coating in vacuum tubes absorbs and converts solar energy into heat energy and transfer to the central heat pipe by an aluminum fin. The heat pipes have tiny amount of purified water sealed inside at depressurized condition. When heated, the water inside the tank vaporizes and the vapor becomes liquid, returning to the bottom of heat pipe. There is continuous circulation transfer heat from the heat pipe to the water inside the tank as long as sun is heating the collector.


Non Pressurized Systems/Direct Systems

The direct system is where the collector is coupled directly to the water storage tank above it. The solar collector can be of the flat plate type or our UTLE (ultra-low emission) vacuum glass tube. The system uses Thermosyphon (convection) and the water flows between the collector and the tank. The vacuum glass tubes absorb the sun’s energy and transfer it to the water inside it while for the flat plate collector the water is heated directly as it flows through the copper pipes.


5. Solar Heating Accessories

Solar thermal Controller.

Solar thermal Controlle is an indispensable part of any solar water heater. It controls The water level and temperature of the panel. Our solar thermal controller has two models, tk-5 automatic controller is designed to meet the basic needs. and tk-7 intelligent controller offers all the vital functions for user's convenience

Solar Water Tank

Simple production process and lower production cost. The inner tank is easy to make, only needs one step blow moulding and doesn't need a lot of labour and equipment investment and thus it will help customers save more production cost.

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