Multiplus Inverter charger 24/1200/70-16

Victron MultiPlus Compact 230-volt AC, 24-volt 1,200-VA inverter charger with 25-amp battery charging and 16-amp AC transfer capability compatible with all batteries including Lithium.

A powerful true sine wave Inverter combined with a sophisticated battery charger featuring adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch, the MultiPlus Compact delivers advanced features which provide a range of new applications.

  • Uninterrupted AC power
  • PowerControl – Dealing with limited generator or shore side power
  • PowerAssist – Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power
  • Programmable relay
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The victron MultiPlus C 24/1200/25 (MPN CMP241220000) is a combination of 24V 1000W inverter and battery charger. The integrated battery charger provides 25A which allows quick charging even for bigger batteries as long as there is a grid connection.
The 24V sine inverter converts your DC battery current into a 230V AC current. Thanks to a pure sine wave, this inverter is also suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Versatile and flexible
Besides inverter and charger the MulitPlus also contains a 16A transfer switch which makes it ideal for caravans, campers, boats, yachts and uninterrupted power supply in case of grid fluctuations or blackouts.
Moreover, it is a handy tool for any grid-tied system which only drains power from the supplier when the battery current is not sufficient.

Important features:

  • 1000W constant output and 2400W peak current, for 24V battery voltage
  • combination of inverter with transfer switch and 25A battery charger
  • provides pure sine wave at 50Hz
  • VE.Bus communication port allows extensive possibilities in terms of connection, configuration and controlling of Victron MultiPlus devices
  • supports three-phase operation (3 units of the same model needed)
  • supports parallel operation – up to 6 units can be connected parallely to increase system power if needed
  • 2x AC outputs (Multiplus 3000 and bigger) – on the second output consumers can be connected that should only run when grid power is available
  • PowerControl function allows operation with limited generator performance as well as supply through limited shore or grid power
  • PowerAssist function allows a ‘performance increase’ of generators and supports shore power connection if needed
  • usable as UPS-solution (uninterrupted power supply)
  • usable for grid-tied systems which only drain power from the supplier when the battery current is not sufficient or other programmable events have happened
  • compatible with many Victron control and monitoring panels
  • three-phase operation with other MultiPlus inverters of identical model possible

Massive performance extension
Besides parallel operation three inverters of the same model can be configured for three-phase operation. But there is more: It is possible to connect 6 x three-phase systems parallely to generate a massive inverter performance of 75kW / 90kVA and a charging capacity of 2000A (when using the 5000 model)

PowerControl – operation with limited generator performance, shore or grid power
The MultiPlus is a powerful battery charger which drains a lot of power (nearly 10A / 5kVA Multi at 230V AC) from the generator or grid. With help of the MultiControl panel you can adjust the max. Power drained from the generator or grid. The MultiPlus then priors other connected AC consumers and uses only the “surplus” of energy for charging.
This protects the generator or grid from an overload.

PowerAssist – performance increase of generators and shore power connection
With this function PowerControl is put to a new dimension by enabling the MultiPlus to support small-dimensioned power sources. Load peaks often occur only within limited periods. In this case the MultiPlus ensures that weak shore or generator power is compensated instantly through battery power.

BackUp-System: AC-power also during blackouts
The MultiPlus can be integrated in off-grid systems, grid-tied PV-systems and systems using alternative energy sources. A software that detects blackouts and grid failures is also available.

Easy configuration
If setting of a device have to be changed this can be done with help of a DIP switch within minutes.
Parallel-connected and three-phase systems can be configured via VE.Bus QuickConfigure and VE.Bus System Configurator software.

Monitoring and controlling on site
There are several option: battery protector, Multi Control panel, VE.Net Blue Power panel, Color Control Panel, smartphone or tablet (Bluetooth Smart), notebook or computer (USB or RS232).

Remote monitoring and controlling
Victron Ethernet Remote, Victron Global Remote and the Color Control Panel allow remote maintenance and monitoring of the Multiplus. Addiationally system data can be saved for free on the VRM (Victron Remote Management) website.

Remote configuration
If the system is connected to the ethernet via the ColorControl panel you are able to change settings remotely.


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