Become a Krystal Solutions Distribution Partner

Requirements :

  1. Experience: Should have capacity and know-how in national distribution. A background in the following industries is preferred: FMCG, micro-finance, consumer electronics and accessories, solar equipment, mobile phones and accessories, and agricultural inputs.
  2. Infrastructure: Should have invested in distribution vehicles and human resources spanning across all major towns in the country.
  3. Market reputation: Should have built a good reputation in the market, with credible referees.
  4. Market knowledge: Should have been in operation for not less than 3 year

What Krystal Solutions shall provide

  1. Above industry average gross margin earnings.
  2. Negotiated / flexible trade terms.
  3. Direct and co-investment in marketing and brand building.
  4. Co-investment in channel development – Tools and Human resources.
  5. Insights and knowledge of the market.
  6. A diverse product portfolio that cuts across a large market segment backed by 2 years warranty.

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