Solar Scamming 

Solar Scamming. 

With the increasing ubiquity of solar energy and the booming need to #gogreen, it is anticipated that more people will be navigating unfamiliar industry to save on their energy bills. Going solar will definitely cut down your energy bills, reduce overreliance on centralised grids, minimizing greenhouse gases emissions while creating a green sustainable solution. With this burgeoning trend, it is certain that dishonesty may arise as unethical individuals are seeking to make easy money. When the deal is too good, always think twice. Vicious scammers may be on hunt for less knowledgeable and vulnerable individuals. We have compiled a list of few things that you should know before you get trapped by these scammers.

  1. Common Solar Scams
    1. Counterfeit products – always cross check the name plate ratings against actual measurement readings conducted via confirmation tests. 
    1. Deceptive lease agreements
    1. High pressure sales tactics
    1. Uncommonly low prices than the standard market price for similar goods.  
    1. Fake utility representatives with no company identity. 
    1. Online Scam – a modern outbreak. 
  2. What to focus on. 
  3. Reputable brands – always go for well known brands like krystal solutions that have dominated market for some times, that offer warranty cover on defective goods. 
  4. Credentials – Identify industry-standards certifying body for your region. Ensure you are working with a reputable organization that is legally compliant, bonded and insured to undertake installations. 
  5. Credibility and expertise – Always engage individuals with a proven track record performing similar tasks. Individuals who are certified and licensed installers by your local licensing organization. 
  6. Transparency – you should always be at par with the work going on in your premises. Your selected technical personnel should always be upfront with you about the process and respond to all queries you raise. 

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