Non Pressurized Systems/Direct Systems

Direct Systems

The direct system is where the collector is coupled directly to the water storage tank above it. The solar collector can be of the flat plate type or our UTLE (ultra-low emission) vacuum glass tube. The system uses Thermosyphon (convection) and the water flows between the collector and the tank. The vacuum glass tubes absorb the sun’s energy and transfer it to the water inside it while for the flat plate collector the water is heated directly as it flows through the copper pipes.

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency collectors that absorb maximum available energy from the sun
  • Reduction in energy cost for water heating as the thermosyphon process doesn’t require any circulation pumps
  • Lightweight tanks allow installation on a wide range of roof types i.e.; flat or pitched at different angles
  • Optional electric booster, which can be controlled by a thermostat or our intelligent controller for when there is no sunshine
  • Space saving
  • Cold water supply can be from the municipal mains or water reservoir above it
  • Reliable supply of hot water at any time of the day