Our centralized water heating systemsinclude solar collectors, buffer tanks, controller systems, electromagnetic valves, circulating pumps, appurtenances and so on.


The principle is that the collectors make cold water warm and then circulate to the buffer tank by circulating pump.The heated water isthen transferred to individual heat exchangers in the in-house tanks on respective floors/levels, and circulated back to the roof on loss of the preset temperatures.

Operating principle description.

  • Temperature difference cycle: Adopting constant temperature cycle mode, When T1-T3≥10°C and T1≥50°C (the temperature is adjustable),
  • Seting water level to replenish water: When the water level of the tank is lower than the set water level, fill water to full level
  • Household heat exchange, through the system’s temperature difference cycle, when the indoor water tank starts electric heating or indoor water
  • tank temperatureTa≥Ta+1, Indoor solenoid valve closed. Heat exchange to avoid indoor heat transfer, on the contrary, heat exchange cycle.
  • Antifreeze measures: antifreeze cycle, antifreeze electric heating, Drain it back through the pipeline.
  • Auxiliary heating, the household water tank still cannot reach the bath temperature after heat exchange, start electric heating in the household

Main Advantages.

  • Easy installation, simple controls, minimal maintenance
  • Minimal water losses as users do not have to wait long for cold water pipes to drain
  • Supplies hot water no matter the weather, due to its smart water circulation process
  • Cuts down on electricity consumption through heating element usage as it features an intelligent water circulation process
  • All condition, all weather system (anti-scald, anti-freezing, anti-scaling and anti-overheating)
  • Fits Standards for Solar water heating systems applications in Highrise buildings
  • The Collectors modular nature can combine with a variety of architectural designs, which is conducive to building integrated design
  • Very cost effective
  • Can be retrofitted into most setups